Do you offer bride and groom suites?

Yes we do! Our elegant brides room is spacious, features a private bathroom and filled with natural light. Photographers love taking getting ready photos here as well as boudoir. You’ll want to take a twirl in front of the gorgeous french armoir in your dress before walking down the aisle! The oak library is a mans dream come true. it has a private bathroom as well and there is planty of room for the groomsmen to dress and relax before the event. We also offer a par 3 golf hole if the guys need to burn off a little nervous energy!

Do we have a tree to get married under?

Ummmmm, we sure do! Our wedding tree is huge and its graceful branches provide excellent shade for all your guests at just the right time for your cermony. If, for some reason you don’t like that particular tree, we have plenty of other ones you are welcome to use.

Do you have any where else to get married besides a tree?

Boy do we ever! While our wedding tree remains a popular site, we have plenty of other choices. Dreaming of walking through a filed of daisies as you approach your love? We have a beautiful wildflower meadow. More classic or formal dreams, the front of the mansion with its columed porch is for you. Or perhaps you want a wedding straight out of a Jane Austen novel? Then are formal parterre boxwood gardens are a dream come true. We will help you choose just the right site for your ceremony!

But what do we do about rain?

We get that question a lot. Because we are a garden venue, outdoor weddings and receptions are our specialty. There is nothing, NOTHING, more beautiful than a tented reception. We reccomend renting a tent the size to accomadate you seated guests. We work with the best tent vendors in the business and can assure you, we can find a tent to fit your budget. They start at $500, so don’t panic! We keep a close eye on the weather leading up to your event. We will ask you to make the call the evening before. At that point, the rain plan will be put into place. We make sure everyone has a rain plan in place so we can make a quick transition if needed. Rarely does this happen. Most rain will only result in a delay if anything. Rain on your wedding day is not a bad thing and we make sure your wedding day is beautiful rain or shine! A wet knot is harder to untie.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

Yes you can! We ask that all alcohol be served by a licensed bartender and if you are serving hard liquir, you must also have security guards. Your caterer can provide the bartender and we will provide the security guards.

Can we use our caterer?

Yes! We can recommend some of our preferred vendors or you are free to choose your own. We only request that all vendors that you choose to use are licensed and insured and must provide a certificate of liability that also includes The Parterre. Don’t worry, professional vendors know exactly what that is!

Do we get rehearsal time on Friday?

Yes you do! Because we only do 1 wedding a weekend, we will schedule your rehearsal time at booking. We will also allow you a couple hours on Friday to start loading in your decor!

What is included?

We include tables. chairs, and white linens. We have a few different cake table options. We also have miscellaneous decor like lanterns, shephard hooks, votives, etc to help fill in and give your day an extra touch where needed! We also work with several rental companies if you want to bring in extra pieces!